CIRWATT-B200RC SeriesCIRWATT-B100 Series


Einphasen-Energiezähler mit SPS, Messung, Registrierung und Abrechnung




CIRWATT B is a multi-function digital single-phase meter, Class B in active energy and Class 2 in reactive energy. The meter complies with European legislation related to energy meters (MID) EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3, which approves the installation of these meters in any country of the European Union. It includes PLC / PRIME (Power Line Carrier) Communications through power cable and an optical communications port. Both use DLMS protocol. In addition, it can display information in case of power loss just pressing the button, it can store up to 6 channels of energy registers with 3 months of hourly load profile and it can limit maximum power consumed by end-user, through an internal disconnection relay which can be remotely managed using PLC communications


The main application of the CIRWATT B meter is the metering of active and reactive energy for billing purposes, whenever a meter with high performance features is required at an optimised cost. PLC communications can be used for the remote download of all data recorded by the meter through a PLC-1000 concentrator or any other PRIME concentrator. The circuit breaker integrated in the meter can be used to manage the supply remotely, opening/closing the circuit breaker and programming the hired power above a value that will activate the circuit breaker, opening it and reclosing it to guarantee the safety for the final user


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