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WRU10K Series

Differenzstromrelais für Wandler WGC, Typ A mit hoher Sicherheit


Cod: WRU10K


Electronic earth leakage protection relay for self-reclosing, with Ø28 mm built-in toroidal transformer, forming a single unit. Type A relay (IEC 60755) ultra-immunized. True root mean square measure (TRMS). Display with LEDs and backlit (LCD) display:

Device with three output relays, one for indicating locking status and the other two for the trip and subsequent reset of the circuit breaker (MCB-P). It is only used with the MCB-P, with it not being possible to associate it with others. It has voltage-free input for remote control trip/ reset operations.


The WRU-10K relays connected to the MCB-P guarantee self-reclosing earth leakage and circuit breaker protection after an earth leakage trip. It is a good solution for those infrastructures that are hard to control and monitor because of their location.

Control boards for:


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