MT Series

RECmaxP Series

Self-reclosing motorized circuit breaker (up to 63 A)


Cod: RECmaxP


The RECmax P series are 2- and 4-pole circuit breakers connected to a compact motor and internal control unit that enables automatic reclosing system.

After triggering, the switch reconnects following a sequence of 3 reconnections, with 3 minutes between resets. If the unit is not able to reconnect after 3 attempts, it remains triggered until a manual or remote reset is made. They can also be connected remotely to an external control. It has two inputs that through voltage-free external signals, order the opening (input O) and subsequent closing (reclosing system) of the automatic switch (input I) . They function as protection against shortcircuit and overload, and can also be used as a remote circuit breaker.

The switch status is indicated by LED signals on the device‚Äôs front panel. An green ON LED indicates that the device is in service; a red OFF LED indicates that the device is triggered.

A TEST/RESET of the device can be performed by pressing a button to check the triggering and then reset the device.

It also has two single-contact outputs for signalling the status and the cause of the opening and closing of the automatic switch (trigger, manual/Test).


The RECmax P series are motorized circuit breakers that can be reset automatically or controlled remotely, apt for any application in which remote connection/disconnection control is required. They are an essential accessory for protection and automatic circuit breaker and earth leakage reclosing system, and for external connection/disconnection control.


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