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Partial consumption energy meters

Rules of use for social networks


All official CIRCUTOR, SA profiles on social networks inform the user of their terms and conditions of use. These terms are detailed in the following document:

CIRCUTOR created this page on social networks in order to be able to listen to you, to provide you with information and so that you can get to know us better. Its main objective is to promote transparent and constructive dialogue, always from a point of view of respect amongst all users.

For this channel to be useful for everyone, it is necessary to respect certain basic rules. Please read the following rules of use carefully before participating:

  1. Remember that this is a public forum. In adding any data, comment or information, you accept that this can be seen by all other users of this social network and by CIRCUTOR.
  2. We ask that you speak in the first person and that you try to add value in your comments, facilitating information and contrasting perspectives. Remember that you are responsible for anything that you add and for any potential consequences in terms of your image and reputation. If you are unsure, it is better not to add anything.
  3. This space is a forum for exchanging opinions and for constructive debate, it is not a place in which to create controversy, discredit other users or third parties or for expressing complaints, which should be submitted via the appropriate channels that CIRCUTOR has established for such purposes.
  4. Treat other users with respect; use appropriate and correct language and act as if you were in the presence of the other person.
  5. Do not publish marketing material and do not use this profile in order to make a profit or arrange business deals, do not compare or assess products or services from other companies. Neither is this the forum for promoting yourself or looking for a job; CIRCUTOR already has a specific channel for that purpose.
  6. Your contribution should present real and concrete data, as well as coherent arguments. Quotes or the reproduction of small fragments of texts or the work of third parties in general are permitted, provided that the source and name of the author is indicated. If you contribute something of your own (text, photos, images, videos or audio recordings), we inform you that you thereby grant CIRCUTOR authorisation to reproduce it via any physical or virtual medium, where we will indicate your name as the author, with other users also being able to save or reproduce it.
  7. The "C" symbol, "CIRCUTOR" and/or any other logo that we use on this profile are registered trademarks. The contents published by CIRCUTOR on this profile are also the property of the company and as such, CIRCUTOR reserves all intellectual and industrial property rights associated with them. You must commit to respecting them and not using them without due authorisation, regardless of the medium.
  8. You may only download contents and copy or print contributions for your personal and private use.
  9. We inform you that from this profile on this social network, CIRCUTOR will never publicly request your personal details.
  10. The information contained on this profile should not be considered as advice, recommendation to buy, sales or any other type of negotiation with regards to CIRCUTOR's products or solutions.
  11. We must ensure the correct use of this profile, which is why CIRCUTOR, as the administrator, reserves the right to delete, without the right of reply, any contribution that:
  • It considers to be illegal, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, slanderous, inappropriate, ethically or socially discriminatory or occupationally reprehensible, or that may in some way cause damage and material or moral losses to CIRCUTOR, its employees, collaborators or third parties.
  • Incorporates third-party data without their authorisation.
  • Contains any type of recommendation relating to marketing material or to propaganda, personal or for the benefit of third parties, whether they are natural or legal persons.
  • Is redundant.
  • Is not related to the purpose of the page.


Liability and guarantee of CIRCUTOR

CIRCUTOR does not accept liability for the views expressed on this profile and in no way guarantees the truthfulness, accuracy or update of the information that it contains.

Under no circumstances are CIRCUTOR, its administrators, employees and authorised personnel responsible for any type of damage, losses, complaints or costs, whether or not they arise from the use of this social network, from information acquired or accessed via it, from computer viruses, operational faults, service or transmission interruptions or faults on the line; the use of this social network, by direct connection as well as via a link or other means, constitutes a warning to any user that such events may occur.

CIRCUTOR does not accept any liability for websites that are not its own that can be accessed via links from this profile or for any content made available by third parties.

CIRCUTOR reserves the right to modify, delete, cancel or restrict the content of this profile, the links or the information obtained via it, without prior notice.

Should you have any queries related to browsing, content and access, please contact the profile administrator.



Protection and control

Industrial earth leakage protection

Industrial earth leakage protection

The "protection" and "continuity" of the electrical power supply are two terms that must not be separated if we wish to guarantee the safety of users and electrical installations. The recent addition of receivers or loads that generate distortion in the electricity grid (speed variators, electronic startup units, computer equipment, lighting with electronic ballasts, etc.) has made necessary the use of protection systems that can distinguish between defects in the installation and the electrical alterations that cause the unwanted tripping of protection systems.

Earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with reclosing system

Earth leakage and circuit breaker protection with reclosing system

Automatic self-reclosing in case of unwanted trigger:

  • Same features that the basic series and:
  • Options of programmable self-reclosing: in time and repetitions.

Relays and control elements

Relays and control elements

CIRCUTOR offers a range of protection relays for different and specific applications. Many of these products have been designed in compliance with the corresponding specifications, always catering for the needs of our clients. Our range of products includes simple relays that are very easy to use, such as current relays, or even protection relays used to assemble cells in substations.

Protection current transformers

Protection current transformers

Full range of current transformers, the TRP and TRM Series, encapsulated in resin, used in measurement and/or protection applications. Transformers with other power, ratio, accuracy, class, dimensional, etc. features, different from those described in the following sections can be manufactured on demand. This range of transformers expands the offer of current transformers described in the Measurement section.

TS Measuring and verification units

TS Measuring and verification units

Royal Decree RD 3275/1982 on the technical conditions and safety guarantees in electrical power plants and substations is still in force. The said regulations establish the compulsory maintenance contracts required for the said installations before their commissioning. The maintenance activities in installations regulated by the regulations mentioned above can only be carried out by companies registered in the register of high-voltage installation maintenance companies (REMAT) of the Territorial Industry and Energy Service where they carry out their activities.

A series of requirements have been established in order to guarantee the conversion and maintenance tasks, which must be complied with by all highvoltage installations, in accordance with the regulations and MIE-RAT additional technical instructions. In addition, the owner must comply with all requirements related to the resolution of faults detected. A company that wishes to be registered in the REMAT must have the adequate technical resources, which will be used during the maintenance tasks.

General conditions of sale


1. General points

1.1 The sales and supplies of electrical equipment and materials (hereinafter, Supplies) to be carried out by Circutor, S.A. (hereinafter the Vendor) will be governed by these General Conditions of Sale, except for everything that is expressly agreed otherwise in a contractual document and that constitutes the specific conditions thereof. For this reason, and for all purposes, any other conditions that have not been expressly accepted by the Vendor have no value.

1.2 It will be considered that these General Conditions have been communicated to the Buyer from the moment when the Buyer has been informed of the web site on which these conditions are found or they receive an offer from the Vendor accompanied by these Conditions. Alternatively, they will be considered communicated if the Buyer previously received them in the course of their business relationship with the Vendor; and will be considered in all these cases accepted by the Buyer, for all purposes, when placing the order.

2. Purpose and scope of the offers

2.1 Unless the Vendor makes a specific offer, the applicable prices are those that appear in the current price list of the Vendor on the date the order is placed.
After the Vendor has issued an offer, the prices and conditions of said offer will exclusively refer to the products (specifications and quantities) specified therein and will be valid for one month, unless otherwise stipulated.

2.2 The Vendor reserves the right to make any changes at any time, in particular in relation to the format, form, colour, dimensions or materials of the products, representations, descriptions and specifications presented in their catalogues or brochures.

3. Completion of the purchase-sale

The acceptance by the Buyer of an offer from the Vendor must be made in any case with a purchase order from the Buyer and the conditions described in this document will apply.

4. Formalisation of orders and scope of the supply

4.1 The scope of the supply must be clearly specified in the Buyer's order. The order will not be considered effective without the acceptance of the Vendor. The Buyer failing to receive a notice accepting or rejecting the order from the Vendor does not imply the acceptance thereof.

4.2 The Supply includes only the equipment and materials covered by the order, except in those cases in which, in the Buyer's order that has been accepted by the Vendor, some additional documentation, report, backup or service is explicitly included.

5. Prices.

5.1 The prices of the Supply are net, exclusive of VAT or any other tax, duty or levy, which will be charged subsequently in the invoice at the corresponding rates. Unless stipulated otherwise in the order accepted by the Vendor, the Vendor will include in the price of the Supply the ordinary packaging used by them, excluding any other packaging and they will be considered located at the Vendor's works.

5.2 The products in an order travel at the Buyer's risk and, if shipped by the Vendor, will be done so carriage paid. The Vendor may establish agreements, conditions or proposals from which they can take charge of transportation and insurance of the supply. In such cases, the Vendor reserves the right to choose the means and company of transport and insurance.

5.3 The prices indicated in the offer are understood for the terms of payment specified therein. If these terms of payment were modified, the prices of the offer would be revised.

5.4 Price rates may be modified at any time, in which case fifteen days notice would be provided.

6. Terms of payment

6.1 The Buyer's order will include the terms of payment of the Supply. Pre-specified terms of payment may also be used within the framework of an ongoing business relationship agreement between the Buyer and the Vendor. Said terms of payment must comply with the provisions of Law 15/2010, of 5 July, amending Law 3/2004, of 29 December, which establishes measures to combat late payments in commercial transactions, without exceeding in any case the maximum time limits specified in said Law. In any case, the terms of payment will always be maintained within the current legal framework.

6.2 Payment will be made under the agreed conditions, into the Vendor's bank account or through another agreed procedure. Payment will be made without any deduction such as non-agreed withholdings, discounts, expenses, taxes or fees, or any other deduction.

6.3 In case of delay in the payments by the Buyer, the Buyer will have to pay the Vendor, without any requirement and as of the payment due date, late payment penalty interest, which will be calculated in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of Law 3/2004, of 29 December. Payment of this interest will not release the Buyer from the obligation to make the rest of the payments under the agreed conditions.

6.4 If the Buyer should incur delays in the agreed payments, the Vendor may elect to suspend shipment of the Supply or execution of the services associated with it, either temporarily or permanently, without detriment to requiring the Buyer to make the late payments and to claim from them, when appropriate, additional compensation for this suspension of the Supply or of the execution of the agreed services.

6.5 The non-payment of an instalment on the due date will automatically give rise to the settlement and enforceability of all amounts owed by the defaulting Buyer, regardless of the way in which the payment was implemented (bills of exchange, promissory notes or others). The Vendor also reserves the right to suspend the performance of their own obligations until full payment of the amounts owed has been made and to demand the compensation of costs set out in Article 8 of Law 3/2004 of 29 December.

6.6 The equipment and materials that are the subject of the order will be supplied with reservation of title in favour of the Vendor, until the Buyer has fully complied with all payment obligations. The Buyer is obliged to cooperate and take all the necessary or convenient measures, as well as those suggested by the Vendor to protect the Vendor’s title to said equipment and materials.

6.7 If due dates coincide with holiday periods, delays in payments by the Vendor will not be accepted, nor will postponements or circulars avoiding them be permitted. Likewise, no similar content will be accepted within the conditions of the order specified by the Buyer.

7. Delivery periods and conditions

7.1 The delivery period is for the material placed in the position and conditions stated in the order acceptance. If the delivery position is not specified in the order, the Supply will be considered placed at the Vendor’s works or stores. For the delivery period to be binding on the Vendor, the Buyer must have complied with the payments schedule, when applicable.

7.2 Times are subject to the availability of equipment and materials, and any other existing circumstance that could have an effect at the time of the receipt of the firm order by the Vendor issued by the Buyer. Any extension or subsequent modification of the order will convert the order into a new order, restarting all processes and reviewing once again all terms and conditions.

8. Acceptance

8.1 When the Supply has been received, the Buyer will verify its contents within a period of no more than 15 days of its receipt, in order to check for possible defects and/or faults that might be attributable to the Vendor, in which case informing the Vendor immediately in writing of the existence of these defects and/or faults.

8.2 Once 15 days have passed from the receipt of the Supply by the Buyer without the Vendor having received written notification of possible defects or faults, the Supply will be considered to have been accepted.

9. Return of materials. Claims

9.1 Under no circumstance will the Vendor accept the return of materials without prior agreement on the matter with the Buyer. A period of 15 days from the time when the Supply has been received by the Buyer is set for the Buyer to inform the Vendor of their intention to return materials and the justification for this, and to arrange the return conditions and procedure with the Vendor, when applicable. In any case, claims must be submitted by the Buyer to the Vendor in a reliable fashion and in writing, by attaching the duly completed “Circutor authorisation” form, to guarantee a quick and effective after-sales service.

9.2 Returns or shipments of equipment or material to the Vendor’s premises, whether for their payment, replacement or repair, must always be made postage or carriage paid.

9.3 In the event of a return due to a mistake in the order or for other reasons not attributable to the Vendor, the acceptance of that return will be subject to the Buyer agreeing to share the review and conditioning costs which in no case will be less than 15% of the net value of the returned equipment.

9.4 The Vendor will not accept the return of materials that have been removed from their original packing, used, fitted in other equipment or installations, or which were subject to disassembly operations not carried out by the Vendor.

9.5 Neither will the Vendor accept the return of products designed or made specifically for the order.

10. Guarantees

10.1 The Vendor guarantees the products that they have supplied in respect of defects of materials, manufacture or assembly for a period of two years (3 years in European Union) from the date of acceptance, whether this be explicit (successful completion of acceptance tests, arranged between the Vendor and Buyer and remittance of a letter of acceptance of the Supply), or tacit (15 days after shipment to the Buyer without written communication to the Vendor specifying some non-conformity), or for 18 months from the date on which notice is served that the Supply is available for shipment, whichever happens first.

10.2 The guarantee stated in point 8.1 consists of the repair in the Vendor’s workshops, or the replacement supply of the items that have been acknowledged as faulty, either because of defects in the material or due to manufacturing or assembly defects.

10.3 The repair or replacement of a faulty Supply item does not affect the start date of the Supply guarantee period as a whole, which will be as specified in point 8.1. However, the item repaired or replaced will have a two-year guarantee after its repair or replacement.

10.4 Damages or defects due to normal wear and tear resulting from use of the equipment are excluded from the guarantee. Also excluded from the guarantee, which will also be considered expired, are damage and defects caused by improper upkeep or maintenance, storage or incorrect or negligent handling, misuse, faulty installations, variations in the quality of the electric supply, modifications made in the Supply without the Vendor’s approval and in general any cause that is not attributable to the Vendor.

11. Disclaimer

The liability of the Vendor, their agents, employees, subcontractors and suppliers for claims arising from compliance or breach of their contractual obligations, will not exceed in total the basic contractual price and will not in any way include losses resulting from lost profits, loss of revenues, production or use, capital costs, costs of inactivity, delays and claims of the Buyer's customers, losses of anticipated savings, or any other special, indirect or consequential damages.

The disclaimer set out in this clause will prevail over any other contained in any other contractual document that is contradictory or inconsistent with it, unless such provision further restricts the liability of the Vendor.

12. Export limitation

The Buyer acknowledges that the products supplied by the Vendor may be subject to local or international provisions and regulations related to export control and, without the authorisations to export or re-export from the competent authorities, the supplies cannot be sold, rented, transferred or used for any purpose other than what is agreed upon. The Buyer is responsible for complying with such provisions and regulations.

13. Applicable law. Submission to Jurisdiction and Authority

These conditions will be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, Spanish laws.
The parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them and submit themselves to the jurisdiction and authority of the Courts and Tribunals of Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain.

14. Force Majeure

14.1 If the Vendor is totally or partially prevented from fulfilling their contractual obligations due to Force Majeure, compliance with the affected obligation(s) will be suspended, without any liability for the Vendor.

14.2 Force Majeure will be understood as any cause or circumstance outside of the reasonable control of the Vendor, including but not limited to, strikes by suppliers, transportation and services, failure in third party deliveries, failure in transportation systems, natural disasters, floods, uprisings, strikes, labour conflicts, work stoppages by the Vendor’s personnel or their subcontractors, sabotage, acts, omissions or intervention by any type of government or any of their agencies, and all other Force Majeure causes contemplated in current legislation which affect the Vendor’s activities either directly or indirectly.

14.3 When there is a cause of Force Majeure, the Vendor will notify the Buyer as soon as possible, explaining its cause and estimated duration. The Vendor will also notify the Buyer of the termination of the cause, specifying the period of time necessary to comply with the obligation(s) suspended due to said Force Majeure. The occurrence of a Force Majeure event will give the Vendor the right to a reasonable extension of the delivery period.

15. Confidentiality

The Parties shall treat all documents, data, materials and information provided by each of them to the other confidentially and not disclose them to any third party, nor use them for any purpose other than the fulfilment and carrying out of the Supply, unless the other Party has provided their previous written consent.

Notwithstanding the above, the Vendor is authorised to provide the Buyer's name and basic details of the Supply as part of their business references.

16. Termination

16.1 Either Party may terminate the order immediately by virtue of written notice to the other Party, if the other Party fails substantially to comply with the terms of the order.
Non-compliance with an order will only be considered substantial if the breaching Party has been notified in writing previously and has failed to comply within a thirty (30) day period of said notification.

The following will also be cause for termination:

- The dissolution and/or liquidation or declaration of bankruptcy of either Party, except in the case of mergers carried out within the Group to which each one belongs.
- The cessation of activity of either of the Parties.
- The persistence of a Force Majeure event for more than three months from the date of receipt by one of the Parties to the other.
- Any other cause for termination expressly stated in other Clauses of these Conditions.


Enquiry sent

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Privacy policy


CIRCUTOR, SA (hereinafter, “CIRCUTOR”) is the owner of the web site www.circutor.com: a site that offers information services on activities performed by CIRCUTOR.

The site www.circutor.com (hereinafter, the “Web Site”) provides information to its users on products, solutions, services, innovations and other matters of interest related to the aforementioned activities.

No commercial transactions are carried out on the Web Site and the services provided by CIRCUTOR through the Web Site are free of charge, unless otherwise stated in any particular case.

CIRCUTOR has its head office at Vial Sant Jordi, s/n, postcode 08232, Viladecavalls (Barcelona) and is inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 3814, Book 3160, Folio 39, Sheet 40.189, Inscription 2, with C.I.F. (tax code) A-08513178


Use of the Web Site implies full acceptance by the user of each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice. If you disagree with any of the conditions of this Legal Notice you should not use the Web Site.


In compliance with the provisions in GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons), CIRCUTOR, SA informs you that the personal data provided to CIRCUTOR, SA by the user, through the Web Site or any other means, will be entered into a file belonging to CIRCUTOR, SA, which guarantees the security and confidentiality of the said data.

CIRCUTOR, SA, with its registered business address at Vial Sant Jordi, s/n, postcode 08232, Viladecavalls (Barcelona), is responsible for processing this file. The user may exercise his/her rights to opposition, access, rectification and deletion of the data as set out in Articles 15 and 16 of the LOPD sending their request by email to comunicacion@circutor.com .

The owner is also able to obtain a copy of the data that is being processed, in an organised and commonly used electronic format. It may decide to send this data to another system, provided that the data being sent is to undergo automated processing.

CIRCUTOR, SA gathers users' personal data in order to provide the services offered in the Web Site and prepare user profiles to improve and customise these services for commercial, advertising and training purposes. In the event that the collected data were to be used for purposes other than those outlined above, CIRCUTOR, SA shall request the user's express, written consent.

CIRCUTOR, SA has adopted the technical measures required to ensure the security of the data and prevent tampering, loss or unauthorised processing or access, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Security Measures for Automated Files containing Personal Data, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999 of June 11.

CIRCUTOR, SA is committed to keeping secret the personal data provided by the user, so that, unless legally required, it will not provide or pass this information on to others without the prior written consent of the user.


The Web Site's contents are intended for adults. CIRCUTOR, SA does not seek to obtain data on minors. If CIRCUTOR, SA becomes aware of the existence in their files of personal data belonging to a minor, it will delete these immediately.


All contents, images, designs, drawings, logos, trademarks and any other distinctive elements or signs that appear or might appear in the future on the Web Site belong to CIRCUTOR, SA. The user shall use the Web Site's services respecting the said ownership rights, and the use of the services shall not grant him/her any rights with regards to the Web Site's contents.

Any copying, distribution or transformation of the Web Site's contents not specifically authorised by the owner of those contents constitutes an breach of current industrial and intellectual property legislation.

CIRCUTOR, SA is the owner of the exclusive rights of exploitation of the Web Site, so any copying of all or part of it must expressly be authorised by CIRCUTOR, SA.


The Web Site may contain links to other web sites in order to supplement the services offered to the user. CIRCUTOR, SA is not the owner of these web sites, so it bears no liability for their contents or any damage and harm that their use might cause the user.

If the user of the Web Site accesses such websites and the services offered by therein, CIRCUTOR, SA shall remain outside the scope of any type of relationship established between the user and the owners of such web sites or any third parties related to them.

Furthermore, any web site owner that would like to insert a link to the Web Site must obtain the prior authorisation of CIRCUTOR, SA.

CIRCUTOR, SA shall not be responsible for the contents of those web sites that include a link to the Web Site and shall remain outside the scope of any relationships established between their owners and users of the Web Site.


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The user can configure his/her computer so that cookies are deleted from the hard disk or notification is received before saving a cookie.


CIRCUTOR, SA has made every effort to ensure that the information on the Web Site is accurate and up-to-date. However, CIRCUTOR, SA neither guarantees nor shall bear any liability for the accuracy and updating of the Web Site's contents. CIRCUTOR, SA is not responsible for any error or omission in the Web Site's contents and reserves the right to modify the said contents at any time without prior notice.

No type of commercial transaction is done on the Web Site and none of its contents may be considered a contractual offer to the user. The business relationship between CIRCUTOR, SA and its customers is governed by CIRCUTOR's General Terms and Conditions and/or by other general conditions or specific agreements. The Web Site's contents do not take precedence over the terms of the business relationship between CIRCUTOR, SA and its customers, nor do they determine the sales policy that CIRCUTOR, SA decides to adopt at any time.

The Web Site may contain statements of a subjective nature that express the opinions of CIRCUTOR, SA or third parties on future events and which are therefore subject to uncertainty. CIRCUTOR, SA shall not be held liable for the influence these statements may have on the user or their consequences on the user's actions or omissions.

CIRCUTOR, SA is not liable for any errors or malfunctions of the Web Site, whether intrinsic or due to the features and limitations of the Internet. The user assumes all risks arising from the use of the Internet, including the possible transmission of computer viruses. CIRCUTOR, SA does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Web Site's services and shall not be held liable for any damage or losses caused by the interruption of the said services. In particular, CIRCUTOR, SA shall not be held liable due to circumstances of force majeure such as fires, strikes and electric power supply cuts, or any other unforeseen or unavoidable events.

In any case, CIRCUTOR, SA shall only be liable for damages that were foreseen or could have been anticipated during use of the Web Site by the user, and which are a direct and necessary consequence of a grossly negligent breach of substantial contractual obligations.

The fact that the Web Site describes or presents certain products does not imply a commitment by CIRCUTOR, SA that said products will be available to the user.

The exclusion of liability and warranties described in this section shall apply to both CIRCUTOR, SA and its directors, managers, employees and representatives.


The conditions of use of the Web Site contained in this legal notice, as well as the relationship between the user and CIRCUTOR, SA , shall be governed and understood in accordance with Spanish law. To resolve any conflict that might arise, the user and CIRCUTOR, SA expressly submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the courts in the city of Terrassa, expressly waiving the right to any other jurisdiction they might be entitled to.


Cookies policy

Pursuant to European Regulation 2016/679 on Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that the controller of the personal data entered into this website is CIRCUTOR, S.A., with you accepting the privacy policy and legal notice herein.

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What are cookies and what are they used for

A cookie is a file containing a small bit of information that is sent by a web site and stored in the user's browser. Therefore, the web site may collect certain information and data about a user, in order to optimise browsing and provide complementary services.

CIRCUTOR uses cookies when a user browses its web site. These cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer. This is how cookies allow CIRCUTOR to recognise users accessing its web site, with the sole purpose of making browsing more convenient. In any case, users can configure their browser to notify them about the use of cookies and prevent their installation on the hard disk (read on to learn how). Among the information stored in these cookies is data concerning a web site's intrinsic browsing (pages visited, selected options, etc.)

What types of cookies does this web site use?

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