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REC3, interruptor diferencial autorearmable


If the power is off,
REC3 restores it

If the power is off, REC3 restores it

    The REC3 range features 2 or 4-pole RCCBs, associated with a smart resetting motor, which resets the RCCB automatically, protecting the electrical installation and persons.    


Continuity guarantee   Plug & Play. Fixed sequence   Rapid statusmonitoring   Spacesaving
Continuity guarantee
de servicio

Plug & Play.
Fixed sequence

  Rapid status


It is installed as any other RCCB. No additional connections between the motor and switch are needed.  

Mechanism on the front panel used to switch the RCCB ON/OFF, reset the resetting counter and lock the unit.

  Locking system that sets operation to the automatic or manual mode. Sealable.


Keeps the installations
always at full

Housing   Services   Industry
Second homes, refrigerators, alarms,garage doors, etc.   Air conditioning, refrigerating chambers,lighting, UPS, etc.   Control of production processes, etc.
Second homes, refrigerators, alarms, garage doors, etc.  

Air conditioning, refrigerating chambers, lighting, UPS, etc.

  Control of production processes, etc.


Incredibly easy to install

Complies with all requirements for household and similar automatic resetting devices described in the EN 50557 Standard..

REC3 installation   REC3 installation   REC3 installation

Disconnect the main switch of the installation (IGA). ¡Important! Do not tamper with the voltage circuits.

Next, remove the protection cover from the electric panel.


Disconnect the RCCB to be replaced from the terminal.

Replace it with the new REC3 self-resetting switch.

Connect the input and output terminals of the switch. It is now installed!


Finally, connect the IGA.

Press the TEST key to check the correct operation of the REC3 before putting the protection cover back on.

Put the protection cover back on the electric panel to complete the installation. As easy as it looks.








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