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Electrical energy management systems in Mexico’s CINEMARK cinema complexes

Implementing company



Cinema complexes


Entertainment and energy efficiency. Electrical energy management systems in Mexico’s CINEMARK cinema complexes

Client / Customer


History / Objectives

Cinemark is an international company, leader in the reproduction of moving images, with 431 complexes and almost 5,000 screens in 15 countries. In Mexico, it has 31 complexes and is ranked third in terms of the most important motion picture exhibitors.

  • Monitor the main electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, Power, Power factor, Distortions, Energy).
  • Show real-time graphics on performance between complexes
  • Monthly reporting on energy consumption in each complex in the form of a bill, similar to that of a power
General description

All Cinemark complexes receive medium voltage electric supply and almost all have 2 transformers, one at 220 VAC, for the cinema’s general services, and another at 440 VAC, which supplies energy for the whole air conditioning system. As a result, a monitor was introduced in each transformer for each complex, enabling separate readings of the consumption of cooling loads (highest consumer in cinemas) for the rest of the electrical system.

Key features / Results
  • Control electrical energy by supervising the performance of each complex,
  • Identify and measure energy indexes which determine the profitability of each complex, making it possible to achieve Electrical Energy Efficiency internally.
  • Energy consumption per square metre
  • Energy consumption per visitor
  • Comparison of energy consumption between complexes to propose energy limits for similar complexes and achieve a standard level of consumption for each of them
  • Identification of energy consumption during non-operational times.
  • Detection of problems with energy quality, such as harmonic currents, failures in electric supply, low power factor, etc..
  • Investment opportunities in energysaving technologies
  • Checking of energy-saving measurements in real-time
  • Corroboration of energy billing

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