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  New LINE SGEi system

The first integral Energy Management
System (EMSi) on the market




Improve the energy efficiency of
a shopping centre



Chain of shopping centres



Shopping centre



€32,000  a year






8 months

Target achieved:

Optimising energy consumption in each centre and reducing the electricity bill


From the first month following the installation, there was already a 15% electrical energy consumption saving, and all the improvement measures resulted in an average saving per centre of €32,000 the first year. The payback period for the project was eight months. 

"The detection of inefficiencies caused by inappropriate consumption schedules, such as air-conditioning at night, enabled a saving of €8,000 a year through awareness, and the programming and/or remote control of those systems". 

Other savings were also confirmed, both in terms of use and maintenance, which facilitated a rational use of energy in the installations, including remotely via the WEB platform. Other improvements were achieved through the use of calendars to rationalise seasonal consumption


Initial situation

The energy systems manager of the shopping centre chain detected extra costs in electricity bills. This manager is responsible for establishing the objective to improve the energy efficiency of the installations. There was no energy consumption forecast or possible comparison between similar centres of the same chain.


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