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Time-delayed self-consumption with storage. AC Coupling

This solution is especially suitable for those buildings that already have a grid-connected photovoltaic installation for energy sales for which you wish to divert part of the production to be consumed when solar radiation decreases.

In these systems, the supervisor modulates the invertercharger with the aim of minimising energy exchange with the grid. It charges the battery based on the surplus in daytime hours and discharges the battery based on consumption in hours of low or zero insolation.

Time-delayed self-consumption with storage. AC Coupling

Internal elements

  • Bidirectional inverter
  • Control and monitoring of batteries
  • Grid connection through transfer relay
  • Anti-islanding control
  • Internet data monitoring and logging


  • Self-consumption with grid-assisted storage
  • Power supply of guaranteed loads
  • Control of energy cost
  • Support for weak grids
  • Installations isolated from the grid


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