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Tenerife airport (Spain)

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Electric energy management and control


Telefónica moviles (Mexico)

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Earth leakage protection with self-reclosing


Ernst&Young presents CIRCUTOR with the Internationalisation Award at the fifteenth edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award
editorialRamon Comellas and Ramon Pons, CEOs and founders of CIRCUTOR, created in 1973.

Ramon Comellas and Ramon Pons, founders of CIRCUTOR, received the Internationalisation Award on February 17th in Madrid, in one of the categories included in the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, organised by Ernst & Young.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is an initiative organised by Ernst & Young in the US, where it began in 1986, and is now held every year in 50 countries.


José Miguel Andrés, President of Ernst & Young, paid tribute to the award winners stating that "their contribution to the company in terms of wealth and employment at this time is more valued than ever".

editorialThe following awards were also presented at the final of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award:
Entrepreneur of the Year, Business Career, Emerging Entrepreneur, Internationalisation, Innovation and Social Entrepreneur.
CIRCUTOR was presented with the Internationalisation Award.

CIRCUTOR has developed a business model based on continuous innovation and internationalisation, which has resulted in its presence in more than 100 countries, with exports representing 45% of total turnover.

Renewable Energy could supply the world in 20 to 40 years


A group of Stanford scientist affirmed this projection. According to their estimations, at the current rate renewable energy technology is developing, by the year 2030 to 2050 the world could be entirely sustained by alternative energy, definitively abandoning the use of oil and coal.

Such a huge leap in the quality of energy production would mainly be generated by wind and solar energy, which would fill some 90% of the world's energy needs. The rest of that figure would be handled by geothermal, hydroelectric and tidal energy.

noticiaTheir forecast is based on a different model of society with: electric vehicles, boats and trains; hydrogen powered aircraft; electrical heating and refrigeration, and water pre-heated by the sun. According to them, the biggest obstacle for profound and worldwide development of renewable energy and new products not related to renewable energy is lack of political decisiveness, and not economic reasons, as is sometimes thought.

Source: erenovableSubir

Computer Smart. Power factor correction, power analyzer and leakage control in a single device


Computer smart is a leading edge power factor regulator, providing in a single device the functions of power factor correction, power analyzer and leakage current protection.

The regulator is equipped with the latest world technology, which allows CIRCUTOR offering to the market a simple regulator, but capable of performing many advanced functions as: Capacitors status monitoring, earth leakage current monitoring, capacitors failure prevention, overheating detection, etc.. All these functions contribute to a longer life and a better power quality, and avoid intempestive supply interruptions.

Because all the above features, the smart becomes one of the PF regulators with the best performance, while still offering users an easy use and intuitive programming.

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LM4A-2IO-M. Analogue and digital signals centralizer


The LM4A-2IO-M is an analogue and digital signals centralizer. In only 4 DIN modules, the unit has 2 relay outpus and centralizes 4 analogue inputs from 0 ... 20 mA, 2 voltage-free digital input. The unit includes an RS-485 communications bus with a Modbus/RTU


protocol, which allows real time control by communications. The unit is compatible with PowerStudio and PowerStudio SCADA control software.

Telemanagement of the 2 digital outputs:
Open relay function
Closed relay function
Impulse function

The LM4A-2IO-M enables to easily monitor and remotely control any industrial process signal thanks to the PowerStudio / PowerStudio SCADA energy management software..

Supervision of the 2 digital inputs:
Voltage-free inputs
Detection of the logic state of the inputs
Centralization of digital impulses received by external meters (≤ 10 Hz)

Monitoring of the 4 analogue inputs:
Analogue signals from 0 ... 20 / 4 ... 20 mA
1024 points of resolution (10 Bits)
Compatible with any field probe with a 0...20 mA output (Barometers, thermometers, manometers, anemometers, humidity probes, flow meters, digital wind direction indicators, lux meters, etc.)

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