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Second Conference Series. Electrical Energy Efficiency
"Innovating technology for energy efficiency since 1973"

is organising the second series of Electrical Energy Efficiency conferences where it will present its technology solutions for the changing needs of the various energy-consuming sectors.
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31 march Barcelona   17 may Ciudad Real
6 april Logroño   18 may Ourense
6 april Murcia   18 may Burgos
7 april Bilbao   18 may Huelva
7 april Zaragoza   19 may Vigo
7 april Alicante   25 may Oeiras
7 april Albacete     (Portugal)
7 april León   25 may Almería
12 april Las Palmas   26 may Cáceres
13 april Lugo   26 may Santander
13 april Tenerife   26 may Jaén
14 april Madrid   31 may Lleida
14 april Cádiz   31 may Andorra
14 april San Sebastián   1 june Girona
14 april A Coruña   2 june Tarragona
3 may Valladolid   8 june Granada
4 may Castellón   8 june Córdoba
4 may Salamanca   8 june Huesca
5 may Toledo   9 june Málaga
5 may Vitoria   9 june Oviedo
5 may Valencia   9 june Menorca
5 may Mallorca   9 june Pamplona
17 may Sevilla 9 june Badajoz

FREE seminars. Check the web site for times and locations.
news2011 CIRCUTOR is pleased to inform you, that we will be in Hannover Messe this year 2011 from 4th up to 8th April.
We will introduce more than 20 new products focused on Electric Energy Efficiency, and we will be glad to welcome you to our booth at Hall 012 Stand D20.
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Energy Audits
noticia Energy audits are critical to reducing costs and energy consumption, especially taking into account the following important aspects. In office and government buildings, for example, regulating the temperature can account for 50-70% of energy costs, lighting between 20 and 40% and miscellaneous services and computer systems, about 10%.

Therefore, actions in these types of buildings should focus on temperature regulations and lighting. Another important aspect is water
usage, especially in schools, university, sports facilities, etc. In all cases, it is very important to consider the data available on occupancy, temperature levels, lighting and relative humidity. While there are many detectors available for permanent installation, they are not practical for conducting energy audits.

CIRCUTOR has developed a wide range of devices for facilitating the auditing task which can be installed permanently in order to record and compare the data for different periods using PowerStudio management software.

makes the latest developments in energy efficiency available to you, easily and reliably. One of the most important of such developments is PowerStudio software which comes in 3 different versions for the ideal solution to your energy efficiency needs.
AR6 "Energy efficiency in your hands"
equipo Everyone knows that when taking decisions, having information available is essential. Information from the starting point to be able to decide where we want to go and what corrective measures we must take.

With the AR6 portable analyzer, CIRCUTOR brings you an ideal tool for simultaneously recording electrical parameters in medium and low voltage, single-phase, bi-phase,
3-wire or 4-wire three-phase and fault current electrical installations. At the same time it allows the analysis of the power quality and the recording of the wave shapes of the detected disturbances or transients. The necessary information will then be available to carry out a full analysis of the installation's status, which will allow you to establish the measures to take in order to improve electrical consumption habits and, accordingly, a substantial improvement in energy costs.

The analyzer is an excellent complement to the PowerVision Plus data management software which, in addition to displaying the recorded parameters graphically or in a table, and applying the EN-50160 quality standard to the measurements (or other personalised standards), shows the report corresponding to the result obtained.

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TCP2RS+. Ethernet communication gateway


New gateway for conversion of the Ethernet physical layer to RS-232 or RS-485. The user has a Web server console available from which to perform configuration of the equipment.
Transducer with high reliability, stability and durability against industrial environments.
Its main features are:
puntIt can work in IP or DHCP mode
puntDifferent communication methods: UDP,
punt blancTCP and Modbus/TCP
puntIt has routing functions for developing
punt blancRS-232/RS-485 topologies over Ethernet
punt blancnetworks
puntIt has a Web server
puntSelection of serial network protocol
punt blanc(RS-232/RS-485) via software over the
punt blancWeb server
puntMulti-range power supply
punt blanc(85 - 290 Vac / 120 - 410 Vdc)
puntDIN rail attachments on only two modules
puntCompatible with any PowerStudio
punt blancapplication on the market (PS/PSS)

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