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ENDESA (Spain)

puntHV and LV portable measuring

Electric energy management and control


REN. Rede Eléctrica Nacional (Portugal)

puntPower quality analyzers QNA, CAVA

Electric energy management and control


Nissan Europe Conditional Recognition for charging station manufactured by CIRCUTOR GROUP. Charging compatibility with NISSAN LEAF

May 23rd, 2011, NISSAN Europe certified charging station for EV manufactured by CIRCUTOR Group with NISSAN LEAF.

The Mode 3 AC charging station manufactured by CIRCUTOR Group has successfully overcome the charging compatibility tests that took place at the Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE) in Cranfield, United Kingdom, from May 17th, 2011 to May 19th, 2011..
car of the yearzero emission
Therefore, the NTCE conditionally recognizes that the aforementioned Mode 3 AC charging station is compatible with the NISSAN LEAF.
Fund for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) have concluded a finance agreement for setting up the Jessica Portfolio Fund aimed at financing energy efficiency projects and the use of renewable energies.
Magdalena Álvarez, vice-chairperson of the

EIB, and Fabrizio Hernández, Secretary of State for Energy, in his capacity as Chairperson of IDAE, signed this agreement on 1 July in Madrid

noticia The capacity of these instruments for contributing to job creation and economic recovery through the revitalisation of a very innovative sector in which Spain is an international leader was highlighted. The Secretary of State for Energy underlined the innovative nature of this financial formula aimed at the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Source: Elektroprofesional

Remote energy management

Efficiency Data Server is an energy manager equipped with PowerStudio Embedded and a built-in web server, which enables the user to query any electric variable by connecting the measurement equipment through its RS-485 bus, without having to install software in a local area network (LAN or VPN) computer.

Thanks to the RS-485 expansion bus, the

user can view any variable of the units connected to the bus and can even display information in real time, in table or graphic format (data logger).

There are 8 voltage-free digital inputs and 6 programmable relay outputs.

The most salient features include:
puntParameterisation and management of
puntautomatic events
puntAlarm recording system and system event
puntE-mail alarms
puntRS-485 port for up to 5 CIRCUTOR units
puntEthernet connection
puntCentralisation of alarms or consumption
puntby impulses

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Consumption Management Systems for energy and water
The main concern with this type of installation is to provide an efficient and fair service, both to the owner and to the end client.

Normally, the users of these consumption points are not aware of the rational use of energy or water. In many cases, they arrive to the site and use all kinds of charges without concern for the energy or the water consumed, since they pay the same, whether they consume a great deal or a little.
In addition, given that the disconnection of the equipment as well as the opening of the water supply is usually done manually, they are frequently left on by mistake, thereby generating unnecessary consumption.

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