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University of Sevilla (Spain)

puntPowerStudio Scada

Global control of main parameters and air conditioning


Wenshan stadium (China)

puntLow voltage and detuned capacitor banks

Power factor correction


CIRCUTOR sponsors the hybrid competition car developed by UPC students

More than 30 businesses and institutions, including CIRCUTOR, have sponsored the first hybrid competition car project in Spain, the EcoR2.

This single-seater vehicle has been built by ETSEIAT (Terrassa Industrial Engineering and Aeronautical Technical College) ecoRacing in the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia).

ecoR2The EcoR2 reaches 90 km/h in 75 m and its lateral and longitudinal acceleration is compara-ble with a top-of-the-range sports car. It also incorporates lithium batteries and rege-nerating brakes and can be connected to any socket. They have managed to reduce emissions by 70% compared to any petrol-driven model.
The spanish photovoltaic sector is increasingly export-orientated

The regulatory changes in the last four years have led to enormous ups and downs in this market, although representatives of the Photovoltaic Industry Association (Asif) have faith in the self-consumption potential based on the net energy balance to drive this industry forward.

The Spanish photovoltaic sector is therefore aiming increasingly at foreign markets, which are growing very strongly. The best example of this behaviour is the manufacturing industry: capable of making more than
1,000 MW a year, it produced 699 MW, of which it exported more than 70 per cent; the remaining 30 per cent served to cover 60 per cent of the 392 MW installed in the Spanish market. In this way, Spanish companies are intensifying their export activities as the world market also grew by 132 per cent, with 16,700 MW connected.


The outstanding countries include several members of the European Union, where photovoltaic energy outstripped wind power as the main source of renewable energy on the continent: Germany (7,408 MW), Italy (2,321 MW), Czech Republic (1,490 MW) and France (719 MW) were the most striking examples

Source: Elektroprofesional
Distribution of electrical energy


At CIRCUTOR, we have been manufacturing and providing systems and equipment for managing energy efficiency for more than 35 years. All the knowledge acquired during this time is reflected in our products, which are reliable, robust, easy to use and most importantly: innovative.

CIRCUTOR has equipment for measure power quality, equipment for power factor correction in Medium and Low Voltage, specially designed equipment for maintenance of Power Transformers, equipment for measure and managing electrical energy and a wide range of multifunction electronic meters for metering.
This entire range of equipment is used to create an Energy Management System through our powerful, versatile, efficient and intuitive software PowerStudio SCADA.
Software with which we have created thousands of customized applications for countless types of installations around the world.

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CSB. Prismatic capacitors
The use of new technologies and the application of proprietary electronic systems to the production of power capacitors have enabled CIRCUTOR to reinvent the classic CS capacitor, manufactured for more than 30 years.

The spirit of innovation and proprietary technology used in the design of the new CSB capacitor, allows CIRCUTOR to increase its performance in terms of durability and safety and to offer the following additional advantages:

puntLifespan of the capacitor increased by
puntmore than 60%
puntImproved thermal properties
punt(Class A, +55 ºC)
puntReduction of dielectric losses
puntLower environmental impact
puntSpace optimisation

The CSB range continues to maintain the four levels of protection of the CS series:

puntSelf-regeneration (minimum loss of
puntInternal fuse (individual disconnection of
puntthe damaged element)
puntSurge system (gas relief)
puntVermiculite (flame-proof)

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