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Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona. Spain)

Low voltage and detuned capacitor banks

Power factor correction


University of Northumbria (UK)

puntCVM-96 power analyzer for remote monitoring and control of electrical parameters (RS and radio)
puntPowerStudio Scada Deluxe

Electric energy management and control


CIRCUTOR in trade fairs and exhibitions

Outstanding presence of CIRCUTOR in the most important national and international trade fairs and exhibitions, about energy sector and electric vehicle, with great success of attendance.

The most recent CIRCUTOR's participation took place in the next fairs:
·METERING (Amsterdam. Netherlands)
(Valladolid. Spain)
·ECARTEC (Munich. Germany)
·MUNICIPALIA (Lleida. Spain)

The next scheduled events are:

Is the exhibition for electric automation technology. It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.
(Nuremberg, Germany. 22 - 24 nov. Hall 3, Stand 3-361)

Knowledge and solutions for smart cities, to ensure sustainable and environmentally-friendly economic growth that is capable of improving the quality of life of their in-habitants.
(Barcelona, Spain. 29 nov - 2 dec)

Advantages of wind power

·It is a type of renewable energy, because it originates in atmospheric processes due to the energy that comes from the sun and reaches the Earth.
·It is clean energy, because it requires no combustion that may produce carbon dioxide (CO2), and it produces no atmos-pheric emissions or pollutant waste.
·Although it cannot be used as a single source of electrical energy anywhere, its inclusion in an integrated system enables fuel savings at thermal power plants and/or water conservation at hydroelectric power plants, when wind conditions are favourable.
·When incorporated into an integrated electrical energy system, it permits savings of fossil fuel or water stored in reservoirs.
·It can be installed at locations unsuitable for other purposes, for example in desert areas, close to the coast, on dry slopes that are too steep to be cultivated.
·It can share space with other soil uses, for example pastures or fields cultivated with short plants, such as wheat, corn, potatoes, beets, etc.
·Given that modern wind generators have slow-spinning blades, the likelihood of bird strikes is decreasing.
·It creates job positions at the site where it is built as well as in the factories where it is manufactured.
·Wind power is a great alternative in light of climate change, because it does not produce a greenhouse effect.
·Quick installation, between 6 months and one year.
·Its use in combination with other types of energy, commonly solar, makes self-sufficient homes possible, obviating the need to connect to a supply network, being able to achieve autonomy of more than 82 hours without any power supply from either system.
Source: Portalenergia
CHΛdeMO. Electric vehicle quick charging. Mode 3 and Mode 4


CIRCUTOR's quick charging stations are the quickest way of charging today's electric vehicles. Their innovative, original design offers a quick, easy to use charging solution, in line with CHΛdeMO's current standards for the quick, direct current charging of electric vehicles. This equipment's design has paid

close attention to ease of installation and electrical protections required to increase user safety.

The equipment has communications (Ethernet, 3G…) that allow permanent connection with remote control stations, from which charging equipment data can be monitored in real time, and the equipment operated remotely, meaning the equipment can be simply managed and exploited to the full.

·Average charging speed of less than 15
·Modular, scalable system
·User protected and isolated power module
·Compact, reduced size system
·Integrated communications
·Intelligent charging
·Option of mixed AC/DC systems Modes 3
 and 4
·Electrical safety
·IP54 Protection
·Elegant aesthetic design
·User-friendly interface with easy-to-use
·Light indication

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CVM-MINI BACnet. Power analyzer for three-phase systems
CIRCUTOR has launched into the market a variant of its CVM-MINI analyzer with the BACnet protocol.
CIRCUTOR thus presents, the most powerful and compact BACnet three-phase power analyzer on the market.

It has the following main basic features:
·The equipment incorporates BACNet
 MS/TP communication, following the

 specifications of the ANSI/ASHRAE 135
 standard (ISO 16484-5).
·The equipment can be connected to a
 BACnet network by means of a RS-485
communication to incorporate all the
 objects and services defined in the PICS
(Protocol Implementation Conformance
 Statement) map.
·It Implements the services and
 performances of a BACnet Application
 Specific Controller
·It can read instantaneous, maximum and
 minimum variables.
·Speed, MAC, Object Instance, can be
·DIN rail device in only 3 modules
·Front panel installation via 72x72 mm
 partitionable adaptor
·Three inputs for current transformers, type
 .../1 A or.../5 A (insulated current inputs)
·Possibility of measurement of medium and
 low voltage networks
·Backlit display
·Selection of parameters to display
·Universal power supply
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