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ASLAND-LAFARGE cement factory (Spain)

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Cap Cana complex
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Electric energy management and control


CIRCUTOR is sponsoring the Clúster d'Eficiència Energètica de Catalunya (CEEC)


The Clúster d'Eficiència Energètica de Catalunya (Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster, CEEC) is an organisation that seeks to promote the field of energy efficiency by facilitating collaboration between member companies and organisations from the technology, research, institutional, regulatory, industrial, media and business sectors.

CEECwas set up as a non-profit business group comprised of companies that, as part of their business, supply, promote or develop energy-efficiency products and services for the following sectors: buildings, mobility, public services, industry and training.

Unlike industry associations and groups, CEEC members are not united by a type of product or the fact that they operate in the

same market, but rather their desire to meet certain common goals that will add value to their products and services by increasing their energy efficiency and allowing them to take full advantage of the many new business opportunities in the field.

The Founders
The idea for the CEEC came from the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN). It was created to meet a need that had already been identified in the Catalan Energy Plan and confirmed in the initial viability study conducted for it.

Other founding organisations include ACC1Ó (the Catalan agency for competitiveness) and Fundació Barcelona Innovació Tecnològica (the Barcelona Technological Innovation, or b_TEC, Foundation).

The CEEC follows in the same vein as other major projects in the field of energy sponsored by the ICAEN, such as the Catalan Institute for Energy Research (IREC) or the Spanish Energy Efficiency Technology Platform (PTE-EE).

Sponsoring Companies
The CEEC is sponsored by ISTEM-Copcisa Industrial, Comsa-Emte, Schneider Electric, Salicrú, CIRCUTOR, Simon, Soler&Palau, Kromschroeder, Cofely and Endesa.

China completes "the largest storage station" in the world

BYD, the Chinese company dedicated to both power electronics and photovoltaic modules, and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), have announced the completion of construction on what may be "the world's largest battery storage station". The station is linked to a renewable generation park of 140 MW. Specifically, it is a hybrid plant that combines wind turbines (100 MW) and photovoltaic panels (40 MW).

The 140 MW of power is connected to a battery pack through an intelligent electricity transmission system, according to the two partners. "While there are other renewable energy facilities of this magnitude in service, there are no battery systems of
this size", a joint statement said. "The SGCC system demonstrates a stable solution for the conversion of vast amounts of renewable electrical energy", they added. Furthermore, the partners estimate that the use of battery storage systems "improves renewable energy efficiency by 5-10%".

The project, located in the town of Zhangbei in the Hebei province, has the capacity to store 36 MWh of electrical energy. The batteries form a group with dimensions larger than a football field. The station is part of SGCC's "Golden Sun" programme. This first phase has had an investment of 500 million dollars.

"The deployment of a range of clean energy like wind and solar power can only be done when the technical difficulties of these new applications within the electrical system are resolved", said Xiu Binglin, deputy director of the National Energy Administration. "This SGCC project demonstrates a solution and will be the model of development for new energy resources in China", he adds.

Source: energias-renovables.com
Three-phase power analyzer for 4 measurement channels

CIRCUTOR will launch the new CVM-NET4 three-phase power analyzer for 4 measurement channels for modular panels, where the supervision of various three-phase distribution lines is necessary inside a power supply panel or various panels in a tightly-knit arrangement.

The unit has a built-in three-phase voltage and neutral connection, common to the four distribution lines. Current is measured with MC3 and MC1 efficient current transformers, and a maximum of 12 units can be connected (in blocks of 3 phases per circuit).

The unit measures a total of 230 electrical parameters per circuit and that data is transmitted through the
RS-485 communications bus with the Modbus/RTU protocol.

With this new format, the space used by
CVM-NET4 in the modular panel represents mean savings of 10 DIN modules when compared to 4 units marketed with similar features. It is therefore one of the main features and benefits of the device, along with its competitive price .

The evolution of communications
CIRCUTOR for some years now has dedicated to an important part of its R&D to the development of this product range and has defined a strategy of developing a complete range of PRIME devices, from the concentrator (PLC1000) to the single-phase meter (B200RCP), along with three-phase energy meters (B400RCP), with an integrated circuit breaker and a robustness that exceeds the specifications.

These products meet the requirements of RD1110/2007, which defines the obligation to

install telemanagement energy meters on all supplies of less than 15kW. Thinking also of future needs, CIRCUTOR has already integrated PRIME communications in the energy meters that directly and indirectly measure industrial supplies; the telemanagement project will be completed by the integration of all low voltage network consumers.

A great effort made has been made in order to respond to all the product needs of the PRIME system, considering the complexity of the project; the act of not merely developing a range of energy meters, but dedicating a large part of our resources to concentrator development, has given us a very broad view of the product.

equipoCIRCUTOR is capable of supplying the entire range of PRIME devices and can provide both the technical and commercial support needed for its successful implementation.
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