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Power factor correction


Minister of Planning and Sustainability visits CIRCUTOR installations

On Friday, 3 February 2012, the Hon. Sr. Lluís Recoder i Miralles, Minister of Planning and Sustainability of the Catalonian Regional Government, visited the CIRCUTOR installations in Viladecavalls for a presentation by the company.

The minister was joined by Ms Assumpta Ferran, General Director of Environmental Quality, and Mr Salvador Jorba, territorial delegate of the Government in Barcelona.

The key slogan of Hannover Messe 2012 will be "Greentelligence"
Hannover Messe goes one step further in its recent evolution, focusing on sustainability and green technologies in its 2012 edition, under the slogan "Greentelligence", a core idea that will encompass the eight trade fairs held under the umbrella of this event.

Hannover Messe is structured around four main themes:
·Industrial automation / information technology
·Energy and environmental technology
·Industrial subcontracting and services
·R+D activities.

"To be competitive in the long term in the global market, industrial processes and products must be sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient; that is the industry's great challenge"

said the director of Hannover Messe, and this is the challenge that this event wishes to demonstrate. In this respect, it includes the new IndustrialGreenTec tradefair, established as a platform for the

fields of recycling and waste disposal, technological solutions for water protection, soil and noise pollution, procedures to reduce atmospheric pollution, etc.

In addition, returning after its success in 2011 is the Metropolitan Solutions section, which has expanded its space to accommodate technologies aimed at meeting the challenges of megacities and large urban centres: energy infrastructures, water treatment technologies, solutions for buildings, mobility, waste management and public safety.

China, partner country
newsChina will be the partner company at Hannover Messe 2012. The world's second largest economy will have a significant presence at the German event, and the Chinese Government will present several state research projects in the field of energy efficiency. In addition, companies from the Asian giant will focus their participation on four areas:

·Production and generation of sustainable
·Smart electrical networks
·Electric mobility
·Solutions for metropolitan areas

Source: elektropresional.com

CIRCUTOR will be in Hannover Messe in
Hall 13 / Stand D69

New cycle of 2012 Seminars

CIRCUTOR presents a new cycle of nationwide 2012 Seminars in order to offer comprehensive technical training to all those who are interested, completely free of charge.

·Power factor correction at LV
·Filtering harmonics and solutions
·Power analyzer AR.5-L/CIRE-3/CIRE-Q
·Power analyzer AR.6

Check the 2012 Seminars programme at the following link:

novedades2012 SEMINARS
or call this number
93 745 29 20


CVM-NRG 96 Bacnet
The CVM-NRG 96 panel analyzer is a programmable measuring instrument; it offers a series of options for using it, which may be selected from configuration menus on the instrument itself.

CVM-NRG 96 measures, calculates and displays the main electrical parameters in three phases, balanced or unbalanced industrial systems.

Measurements are taken in true effective value using the three alternating voltage inputs and three current inputs to measure 5 A ó 1 A and 250 mA (
MC version) for the secondary's of the external current transformers.

The CVM-NRG 96 allows the display of all electrical parameters shown above, using the back-lit LCD display, showing 4 instant electrical parameters, maximum or minimum on each page jump.

Features of CVM-NRG96-BACnet
·Communication BACnet MS / TP according to
·regulations of the ANSI / ASHRAE 135 (ISO
·RS485 connection for BACnet networks
·Objects and services defined in the attached
·map PICS (Protocol Implementation
·Conformance Statement).
·Instantaneous variables, maximum and
·The Baudrate and MAC 2 (node number),
·configurable by keyboard, or BACNET
··punt# Baud - selectable: 9600, 19200, 38400,
··57600, 76800, 115200 bps
··punt# MAC - for 1 to 255

Other features

·Small sized instrument (96x96x50)
·Measurement in true effective value.
·Instant, maximum, minimum values for each
·Energy measurer function.
·1 GWh in consumed energy.
·100 MWh in generated energy.
·Backlit LCD display.
·RS-485 communications (Modbus RTU®)

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