19 | 02 | 2013  
generaCIRCUTOR will be in GENERA 2013
Energy and environment international trade fair
Visit us in Hall 5 / Stand 5D09
26-28 february, Madrid (Spain)







SGL CARBON. Mines (Spain)

puntStatic capacitor banks

Power factor correction


Steel industry. Nuevo Leon (Mexico)

puntTCP2RS Modbus TCP converter

Monitoring and control of energy and power quality


Reinvesting in R+D+i, investing in the present and future


Since CIRCUTOR was established, 40 years ago this year 2013, the company has shown its firm commitment to innovation and technological development, in order to offer products that can cater for its customer's needs at all times and, in some cases, be ahead of market needs. This is based on CIRCUTOR's conviction and determination to reinvest a very important portion of the company's profits in innovation and technology, as part of its culture and values.

This is essential to continue catering for our customer's needs and for the sustainability of our company's global project.

In this current economic crisis, CIRCUTOR is still committed to strengthening these reinvestment levels, in order to continue being at the cutting edge, while taking on new opportunities that arise every day. In this sense, investment in R+D+i already represents 8% of the company's annual turnover, consolidating its firm commitment to innovation as the essential base of its company spirit.

editorialObviously, such a growth must be sustained not only in the permanent improvement of its technical assistance systems and by training our customers, but also with management excellence and by means of providing full guarantees about the top quality of the company's products and processes.

CIRCUTOR presents the company's strategies and forecasts for 2013 to its delegates during its annual meeting


CIRCUTOR has gathered together its delegates to assess and analyse the 2012 financial year and the forecasts and strategies prepared by the company for 2013, during which CIRCUTOR forecasts a moderate increase in its sales.

Evaluating the 2012 financial year and assessing the strategies and forecasts for 2013 were the main goals of the annual meeting attended by
CIRCUTOR's delegates. CIRCUTOR is a market leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of electrical energy efficiency equipment, with six divisions: Measuring, Protection, Quality & Metering, Reactive Energy Compensation, Electric Vehicle Charging and Renewable Energies. The meeting was held on the 17th and 18th of January and was attended by all of the company's national delegates.
MC-1. Single-phase efficient current transformers


Its main features are:

·Transformer range from 150 to 1,500 A
·Secondary 250 mA
·Three ranges in the same transformer.
·Compatible with the MC product range from

In installations that allow the power supply to be stopped to install transformers. Very useful to install in places where the exact nominal current range is not known. Each transformer has 3 ratio ranges by changing a connection cable and the chosen ratio in the measuring device.
LM6I2O. Impulse centralizer with PLC communication

LM6I2O is an impulse centralizer with six insulated inputs and two relay outputs to act on a contactor, visible or audible alarm. Compiles readings via impulses from up to six different meters.

The impulses are sent to a PLC concentrator (PLC 800) over the power line.
·127 V or 230 V
·50 or 60 Hz
·PLC communication
·RS-232 or RS-485
·Option of recording a load profile by time
·per each channel
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