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Monitoring and control of energy and power quality


What is happening with Electric Vehicles?


From a purely technological standpoint, there is no doubt that an ICE is far more complex than any EV, not to mention any parallel hybrid, which we can consider a mix of almost two vehicles (one heat and the other electric), within the same bodywork. But aside from purely technological reasons, profitability comes first in the real world. So, what might be

the real or imaginary reasons for the failure of the much anticipated EV to take off?

Several recent studies and publications2 insist that the main reason for the failure of EV is their limited autonomy (more than 27% of those surveyed); the second reason is the lack of charging points (more than 26%) and the third the price of EV. And a rather bewildered 5% also consider a reason to be the cost of the energy! In the world of EV, there is still a confusion between causes and phenomena, especially when more than 80% of those surveyed say that they travel less than 60 km per day with their current ICE.

Let us be clear, the reason why electric vehicles have not been sold, apart from the economic situation and disinformation, is because their prices are far higher than those of ICE, and their real or imaginary features continue to be questioned.
Most Spaniards support renewable energies

noticiaThe data gathered by the Flash Eurobarometer 360, prepared by the European Commission, shows that 70% of all Europeans identify renewable energies as the energy option that should be developed. 81% of all Spaniards are in the group that gives most support to renewable energies as a priority for the country's future, only exceeded by Portugal (82%)

70% of all Europeans and 81% of all Spaniards consider that renewable energies are the energy optionthat should be currently promoted. In accordance with the noticia European Union's Flash Euro-barometer 360, most Spaniards consider that the use of renewable

energies should be promoted now to guarantee the energy future of our country.

In addition to renewable energies, European citizens participating in the Flash Eurobarometer 360 mentioned other aspects that should be promoted, such as energy efficiency (28%), nuclear energy (18%) and carbon capture and storage (12%). Fewer than 10% mentioned fossil fuels.
José Miguel Villarig, Chairman of the Association of Renewable Energy Producers (Appa), stated "Almost four times as many citizens support renewable energies than conventional energy sources, and this should be taken into account when preparing the energy mix of the European Union and Spain".

Renewable energies are the option that attracts the greatest support in all member states of the European Union. The countries that have backed this option are Portugal, Austria, Spain, Germany and Denmark. The countries that have shown the least support are Bulgaria and Romania, but this option was discussed the most in these countries.

Link to Flash Eurobarometer 360

Source: elektroprofesional.com

RVE-P-Mode 1/3. Slow-charge outdoor posts


The vehicle charging posts of the RVE-2 mode 1/3 range require highly specific features in terms of robustness to withstand changeable environmental conditions or acts of vandalism. Likewise, in addition to these special features, they must offer adequate electrical safety measures for equipment with these features.

To this end, CIRCUTOR offers innovative smart charging solutions that are adapted to the special conditions of urban roads, for all types of vehicles (two and four-wheel vehicles), which comply with the latest international charging regulations, while offering different solutions for each type of installation.
M-8IO / M-8IOR. Device module with 8 inputs and 8 digital outputs

M-8IO / M-8IOR is a device with 8 programmable inputs and 8 digital programmable outputs (transistor or relay). The device has an integrated Web server enabling it to perform all the required configuration

The digital inputs enable it to count the pulses sent by other devices (ex. energy, water or gas meters) as well as log the status changes of external relays (ex. MCB or PLC). The digital outputs enable it to confi gure alarms, energy pulses and even remote control functions.

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