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Power factor correction


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Monitoring and control of energy and power quality


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How can a change of model be addressed?


We are witnessing a change of model in the use of electrical energy, a model in a distributed generation and own consumption framework with storage which offers numerous advantages over the traditional model of large centralised generation, transport, distribution and marketing.

Clear legislative changes are required for this new reality, especially in terms of the relationship of users with the distribution lines,

users who will become energy producers that should be able to export to the lines.

Another crucial aspect is the technological evolution of storage systems and the exponential increase of investment in research with the arrival of the electric vehicle, which points in the medium term to storage systems that are far more volume/energy efficient. We will therefore see a major increase in their useful life and significant decrease in production costs.

DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT urges member countries to acquire a legal framework for distributed generation and own consumption. Some European countries already have it, others not yet.

This new model is an irreversible reality which sooner or later must be addressed. The country which does this sooner will gain an advantage over the rest.

Wind energy can lower the price of electricity by 23.2% on the wholesale market


"According to the preliminary data of the Spanish Electrical Network, 31.7 terawatt hours have been generated by wind over the past six months, enough to supply electricity to 18.1 million average Spanish homes", reports the AEE (Electrical Energy Authority). In addition, "considering that, according to the National Statistics Institute, there are 17 million households, all Spanish households could have used wind-generated electricity over the last six months".

The wind authority regrets, however, that "this semester, wind generation has been cut by 1,009 GWh, equivalent to 3% of the sector's production over the period, with more intensity during the months of March and April when electricity demand has been lower than expected and heavy rains have forced reservoirs to discharge".

These limitations, explains the AEE, "have meant a loss of income of €85 million for the sector". The association has asked the authorities "to analyse the processes for which wind-power technology is most affected by cuts, in order to find a satisfactory solution".

Source: energias-renovables.com

Service interruption solutions
RCM Residual Current Monitoring system


Unexpected but avoidable stops or interruptions, related to an interruption in the electric supply, result in high financial losses.

CIRCUTOR's RGU-10/CBS-4 is an RCM (leakage control) and ultra immunised type A earth leakage protection system, that offers the following advantages.

Leakage control system and earth leakage protection relay installed on 1 line

Leakage control system and earth leakage protection relay installed on 4 lines

What does Circutor's RCM system offer?

·Prevents financial losses, improves competitiveness
A loss of production, data, services or any other process that is critical to your activity can result in high financial losses. RGU-10/CBS-4 not only prevents financial losses associated with an interruption in the electric supply but also the resulting lack of competitiveness.

·Eliminates unwanted tripping caused by false readings
Eliminates unwanted tripping caused by false leakage current readings, as a result of harmonic currents or other transients, generated during grid operations.

·Avoids the risk of fire
Detects and controls leakage currents before there is a risk of fire.

·Reduces maintenance costs
Prevents system malfunction and offers the possibility of executing corrective actions to prevent these problems from originating.

·Guarantees the safety of people
RGU-10 guarantees system stability and thus the safety of persons as its main purpose.

More information

Single-phase power analyzer

"The smallest and most powerful on the market"

·Measurement of V, A, kW, kWh, Hz
·DIN Rail
·1 module (small size)
·Accuracy class 1
·LCD Display
·4 quadrants measure
·1 impulse output


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