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TUEN MUN Hospital
Hong Kong (China)

One of the most important Hospitals in Hong Kong.

Detected Problem:
Substantial 5th, 7th, 11th Harmonic components spread out by the lines.

Proposed Solution:
5 sets of APF-4W-400-66/90 to filter lines.

NetActive Multipurpose APF active filter for 400V/90A


Celebration of 40th anniversary

CIRCUTOR celebrated its 40 years in business in two main events: First, we held a formal act in the Teatre Principal of Terrassa, attended by the Honourable Minister for Enterprise and Employment of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia Felip Puig and the Honourable Mayor of Terrassa Jordi Ballart; Second, we held more of a family style celebration with CIRCUTOR employees and their families at the Terrassa Fairgrounds.

CIRCUTOR has been awarded the "Energy Excellence Prize" in the Internationalisation category

CIRCUTOR has been awarded the "Energy Excellence Prize" in the Internationalisation category. The company is specialised in the manufacture of units for energy efficiency and savings with presence in more than 100

countries on five continents, with 50% of its production destined for export.

The Energy Excellence prizes aim to contribute to spreading the culture of energy efficiency and savings and promoting renewable energy in Catalonia, two of the cornerstones of the Government's energy policy.

Minister of Enterprise and Employment Felip Puig presented the Energy Excellence awards, granted by the Government of Catalonia through the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), which recognise companies that have undertaken outstanding projects and actions in the field of energy savings, energy efficiency, renewable energy and new energy technologies.
CIRCUTOR and the Fundación Vicente Ferrer NGO work together to build a school in India

CIRCUTOR, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, along with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer NGO, is participating on the construction of a school in India located in the

Dharmavaram area, in the hamlet of Chennekothapalli in the Bathalapalli region.
The contributions of CIRCUTOR's workers and that of the company itself have contributed to making this project a reality. Building this school will help boys and girls in the region, as education is a key element for their personal growth, freedom and independence.

The Fundación Vicente Ferrer is a development-focused NGO committed to the process of transforming and improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities of Andhra Pradesh, one of the poorest and neediest areas in India, and one of the poorest and most excluded communities on the planet. The field of education receives special emphasis, as access to it is an essential foundation for community development
WATTMAN, the most powerful electric motorcycle in the world
Photo: VOXAN

VOXAN has today achieved a major revolution in French motorcycle history, with the presentation of an ultra-powerful and upscale machine, radically innovative in its technology and its architecture: WATTMAN. Symbolic of VOXAN's revival, the WATTMAN illustrates the new techniques and stylistic direction of the brand, with avant-garde technologies in the field of electric mobility and a design that anticipates the shape of bikes to come.

With 200 HP and an instantaneous torque of 200Nm up to 10,500 rpm, WATTMAN is now the world's most powerful electric motorcycle.

Synonymous with new sensations, WATTMAN

offers driving pleasure in its purest form, capable of both lightning acceleration (0-160km/h in 5.9 seconds) and flexibility, thanks to its belt drive electric motor.

VOXAN inaugurates a new motorcycle architecture, built around a motor-battery pack carrier set. The frame is replaced by an ultra-rigid exoskeleton, integrating all the components of the powertrain. This results in a very pure motorcycle without a visible technical feature. To Sacha LAKIC, its designer: "this aluminium exoskeleton which contains the battery is the motorcycle's signature. You can tell from this design that it is an electric machine."

WATTMAN features an exceptional charging time of 80% in less than 30 minutes, thanks to a "COMBO II" socket, the European quick charge standard. It can also connect to a standard household socket, thanks to its integrated charger. Its ultra-compact 12.8kWh battery ensures 180km of range. Primarily intended for an exclusive international clientele seeking innovation, WATTMAN will be produced unit-by-unit, upon order, and hand-assembled in France, at the Solesmes (Sarthe) Electric Vehicle Manufacture.

Source: green.autoblog.com


REC3C RCCB with self-reclosing earth leakage switch. Maximum continuity

The REC3C family of type A RCCBs (IEC 61008.1) with 2 or 4 poles associated to a smart reclosing motor enables safe automatic reclosing of the RCCB. The REC3C can signal protection and reclosures externally through 2 status outputs.

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