WMC-WTC Series

PGR Series

Protection ammeters and vatmeters


Cod: PGR


Electronic instrument on the front panel (96x96) used to protect generators against overloads and inverse power. The instrument is composed of a power converter with an analogue output connected to the needle indicator with 2 relays. The unit measures and indicates the system's power constantly (measurement in 4 quadrants), sending an alarm signal when the power exceeds the set trip values. The alarm is indicated by activating the output relays. The two LEDS on the front panel can be used to view the status of output relays. The scale is exchangeable.


The instrument has two independent relays: an overload and an inverse power relay.

Overload protection
The protection has these characteristics:

* The system can be supplied with no relay interlocking (latch), on demand.


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