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PVingPARKS canopies

Zestawy markiz solarnych zapewniających natychmiastową samowystarczalność energetyczną bez przesyłu do sieci


Cod: PV


PV Kits are a solution that combines a photovoltaic solar canopy with an electric vehicle charging system. This solution generates power during sunlight hours in order to cover part of the electricity consumption of an installation as well as to charge electric vehicles. Solar canopies provide shelter for a parking area with a capacity for 2 to 42 cars with a width of 2.5 m. PV KITS are compatible and can include CDP (Dynamic Power Controller) units that guarantee zero injection to mains, as well as the PV-Monitor-M web-based monitoring and energy-management software.

These KITS consist of the following material:

All the KITS can optionally be completed with the corresponding CDP electrical protection and control panels. These panels include DC-side protections (StringBox) and AC-side protections (CombinerBox), as well as control units:

This system has the following advantages:

In addition, CIRCUTOR can develop larger customised solutions.



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