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computer MAX f Series

Automatyczne regulatory energii biernej do przełączania statycznego,


Cod: cMAXF


The computer MAX-f series of regulators is within the fast regulator range, with a response time of 40 ms, adapted to real time compensation requirements. Main Features:

  • Shows by display: cos φ, voltage, current, THD(I) and, besides, records in memory maximum values for voltage and current.
  • Provides the “phase selection” function, that allows the user choosing the power line phase where the measuring current transformer (C.T.) has been placed in allows viewing in display the variation of cos φ, line current and THD(I), when manually connecting or disconnecting capacitor steps.
  • Indication by display or through relay output of following alarm conditions: Compensation failure, Over-compensation, Over-voltage, Over-current, C.T. not connected or open, Line current below measurable value.



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