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REC2C Series (consult availability)

RCCB with self-reclosing system and output contact


Cod: REC2C


REC2 is a 2 or 4-pole earth leakage switch associated to a compact motor and control set that enables the automatic and safe reclosure of the installation, provided that the leakage is not permanent. Output contact available in REC2C model The earth leakage switch is reclosed automatically, in accordance with the work mode selected (switch on the front):

  • Time sequence mode: after a switch trip, REC2 will make 6 reclosing attempts, with a timer set at 10, 20, 30, 60, 120 and 600 s. If the set can not be reclosed, it will be blocked in a trip status until it is reset manually.
  • Insulation monitoring mode: after the switch trip, REC2 repeats the previous sequence, but it measures the presence of leakage current in the installation before carrying out the reset. REC2 will only reclose when the insulation measurements are correct. There are LEDs on the front part of the control module to indicate the operation status:
    • Manual or automatic reclosure
    • Reclosure mode selected
    • Reclosing status
    • Lock status
  • Drop-down window to activate/deactivate the automatic reclosure of the earth leakage switch.



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