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Série TP-WGC

Transformadores de corrente de núcleo partido




The TP-WGC series features split-core earth leakage transformers for the earth leakage protection of electrical installations or machines. These transformers are used to control and monitor the leakage currents of an electrical installation and are recommended as a temporary solution for punctual earth leakage protection in parts of the electrical installation that are finished but, due to an error or lack of foresight, do not have the normal protection installed.

TP-WGC transformers have been designed for installation inside an electrical panel or enclosure, mounted with screws or cable ties, facilitating their installation in existing installations.

The earth leakage transformers of the TP-WGC series have been designed to operate with the relays of the WGC series. The sensitivity (trip current) of the transformer-relay assembly is established by the associated relay. The relays associated with the TP-WGC transformer must be programmed with a minimum sensitivity of 300 mA for earth leakage protection.


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