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Multi-point system recharges up to 32 intelligent recharging points




The multipoint system of the RVE family has been designed to offer an smar t electrical vehicles charge solution to car parks with multiple outlets for electrical vehicles. This solution allows an intelligent electrical vehicle charge management from high number of electrical vehicles, controlling different parameters of the electric network and the vehicles connected to it, as well as user and car park manager preferences. That way users can get polite results on vehicles recharge allowing them to charge their vehicles under the better conditions as for electrical rates or for immediate charge if needed. Also the car park manager can get a maximum optimization with this solution that also takes care of a power demand control managing the loads of electrical vehicles and the network capacity in order to avoid a overload but in the same way taking the maximum advantage of it. In addition this solution is ready to detect a very high number of possible problems on the electrical networks in order to report and operate to prevent them. The system also allows the integration with payment systems as well as the exportation of accurate electrical data like total consumption, partial consumption, different problems on the electrical network, events, historical load data, etc.

The system consists of 2 units, on one side we have the remote outlet RVE-WB-SL that allows the vehicle to connect to the electrical network and on the other side we have the master controller RVE-CM that brings intelligence to the system. The units RVE-WB-SL has been specifically designed to be installed next to the vehicle parking space in order to connect it in a simple and handy way when recharging the electrical vehicles. This unit consists of a robust box made to be mounted on car park wall and hold up a continuous utilization from the users. One outlet for electrical vehicle connection is available as a well as a light indicator to show the user the recharge status. Energy metering is also internally included in order to let the user know the electrical vehicle consumption plugged into. The same unit has communications with the master controller as well as RCCB and MCB electrical protections in order to manage the electrical power in an intelligent way.

This protections also prevents users and the installation from any kind of problem. The CCL-CM20 unit brings intelligence and user interface to the system. This unit has a touch screen for user input as well as a RFID card reader to identify the user. Likewise the unit CCL-CM20 can be integrated with other readers as magnetic stripe or bar code in order to integrate the user identification with car park tickets. This has been designed also to allow integration with other payment systems in the car parks. The CCL-20 has TCP-IP connection available as well as an open protocol for its easy integration. Each CCL-CM20 controller manages up to 32 CCL-SL remote outlets and if an upgrade in remote outlets number is needed more CCL-CM20 units can be added making up a single system when operating and integrating.

The multipoint system of the RVE family has been designed to offer smart charging for car parks with multiple sockets. Management of the multi-point charging system is very important, as the possibility may arise of several vehicles charging at the same time. Optimal management of consumption, balancing phases and the harmonics level are necessary for this type of system and installation. This solution offers simultaneous smart charging of a large number of electric vehicles, control of different parameters of the electrical network and the vehicles connected to it, as well as user preferences for total parking space management. The system also enables payment and billing systems, as well as the export and editing of electric data, such as total and partial consumption, the different problems and incidents in the electrical network, events, historical data, etc


This equipment is specially designed for its use on indoor car parks with multiple parking spaces for electrical vehicles. An example of this could be indoor public car parks, private indoor car parks, airports, car rental companies, cleaning companies, etc.


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