eNEXT Elite series

Serie eNEXT

Equipo de recarga de vehículos eléctricos


Cod: eNEXT


The eNext range is the new generation of charging devices for household environments. The device is capable of recharging up to 22 kW in mode 3 and can be installed with cable type 1, type 2 or socket type 2. It is specially designed for the needs of electric vehicle users who install their charging point in a parking space in a shared garage. As the equipment is accessible to other users, an authentication system is required to enable charging. For this reason, eNext includes an App for user authentication and configuration of the charging device. The APP also allows authentication via Bluetooth presence detection, remote activation of charging, scheduling of charging to hourly energy rates, remote monitoring of the state of charging, eNext diagnostics and firmware updates.


These wall mounted units have been designed as the ideal solution for covered car parks where the user wants a simple and complete authentication and charging point management system.


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