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Analisadores de redes trifásicas 4 em 1 equipamento calha DIN





CVM-NET4-MC is a Power Analyzer used to measure balanced and unbalanced threephase networks; specifically designed to take measurements from 4 different points of the installation. It has a single three-phase voltage input, with 4 three-phase channels for current signal inputs coming from the efficient Circutor MC transformers (see M7 catalogue). The data acquired by the analyzer is transmitted via the RS-485 communications bus with the Modbus/RTU protocol to the supervision SCADA.

The main features are as follows:

  • DIN rail format with only 6 modules
  • Reads 4 current channels via efficient MC-series transformers (../250mA)
  • RS-485 Communications (Modbus RTU)
  • 4 Programmable digital outputs
  • Compatible with PowerStudio / PowerStudio Scada / PowerStudio Scada Deluxe software.


CVM-NET4+ is a multi-channel power analyzer designed to measure balanced or unbalanced three-phase networks and to measure single-phase networks. Its versatile configuration options enable you to take measurements in single-phase systems, three-phase systems or a combination of both. It has a single three-phase voltage input combined with 12 single-phase channels to measure the current from the MC efficient current transformers.

Its main features include:

  • Assembly on DIN rail
  • Compact size (6 DIN rail modules)
  • Measurement of up to 12 single-phase channels or combined single-phase and three-phase current channels.
  • Current measurement using efficient MC series transformers (.../250 mA)*
  • RS-485 Communications (Modbus/RTU)
  • 4 programmable digital outputs for alarms or impulses
  • Compatible with PowerStudio /PowerStudio SCADA / PowerStudio SCADA Deluxe software.



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