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2014 Solar Awards CIRCUTOR提供光伏发电设备

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The Solar Awards 2014, given by EUROSOLAR (European Association for Renewable Energies) recognise the innovative projects and initiatives that use renewable energies in different award categories.

In its thirteenth edition, the Solar Award 2014 for farming companies and farmers using renewable energies went to Pàmies Hortícolas SL for their self-generation photovoltaic solar installation and zero network injection project (15.8 kW).

The awarded photovoltaic solar project

The awarded system, which is supplied in whole by CIRCUTOR, is composed of 66 photovoltaic modules of 240 Wp and 3 single-phase inverters of 6 kW. Each inverter converts the solar energy gathered by 22 modules and injects it into one of the phases of the three-phase system. The CDP-0 dynamic power control assigns a maximum production setpoint to each inverter to get the most out of the system without any risk of producing reverse current in any phase.


Further information on the awarded Pàmies Hortícolas photovoltaic solar project


Further information on the CDP-0: An essential element in any photovoltaic self-consumption installation


Products and solutions for Renewable Energies


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  • 我们如何确保自己的系统合规电能效率指令?
  • 欧盟指令对公司以及经济的益处



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In recent years, CIRCUTOR has developed some of the most innovative and advanced solutions in the sector of photovoltaic self-consumption in Spain, leading initiatives and movements to facilitate the legalisation of installations interconnected to the grid for self-consumption with zero injection.

This has enabled CIRCUTOR to position itself as the company that offers the widest range of solutions in the Spanish market and with the most flexibility of control.

The range of CDP solutions from CIRCUTOR also enables a phase-by-phase control of the installations in order to take maximum advantage of the performance of the inverters. CIRCUTOR is reinforcing its commitment to offer solutions for photovoltaic self-consumption to the market, and is thus complementing its range of dynamic power controllers (CDP) by offering more options to manage the distributed generation of energy in the most efficient way.

As the icing on the cake to bring the year 2014 to a close, CIRCUTOR is launching the CDP-G on the market, the new Dynamic Power Controller with demand management. With this unit, a controlled injection to the grid can be guaranteed (or injection to the grid can be prevented, as in Spain's case). At the same time, maximum advantage can be taken of solar radiation surpluses for use in electrical consumption in installations.

The CDP-G incorporates all of the features of the CDP-0 and also includes new functions, making it a very flexible unit, in particular for use in the domestic and tertiary sector.

Some of the main features of the CDP-G are:

  • Capacity to control inverters from the leading brands
  • Use of surpluses of photovoltaic production
  • Monitoring via web (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Screen that shows consumption data, PV production, grid consumption and activation of manageable loads
  • Modbus/TCP communications for integration in SCADA

This makes it the ideal unit for optimising a photovoltaic energy installation for self-consumption in applications such as:

  • Managing heat pumps
  • Heating water with the use of thermal accumulators (swimming pools, homes)
  • Water pumping and irrigation applications
  • Production of compressed air

In this way, CIRCUTOR continues to be the leader in the sector of photovoltaic self-consumption with the most technologically advanced solutions on the market, thus offering better products to their customers.


More information: Dynamic power controller with demand management


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On 20th November, CIRCUTOR organised and participated with its official distributor in Malaysia in a seminar on the implementation of an energy efficiency system and its impact on the certification to ISO50001 for the optimisation of energy use in any organisation.

50 representatives of companies from different sectors of the country attended the event, which focused on the distribution of the POWERSTUDIO energy management software as a base for knowledge and savings in different production processes. In fact, the representatives of large consumers of energy, such as steelworks and cement works, attended the event and saw how CIRCUTOR can associate these consumptions with productivity rates and, as a result, achieve a positive impact on results, while reducing their contribution to the generation of greenhouse gases.

Consulting and engineering firms and manufacturers of other sectors, such as the food sector, could also see for themselves how we used the network to access energy management systems implemented in other countries from Kuala Lumpur; these systems had self-consumption or electric vehicle charging management solutions that provided an added value to systems, one of the highlights for participants during the session.

The event was closed after presentation of our flagship units, which provide information to this system, and our view of the market, which is particularly sensitive to the penalties applied to excess energy consumption, together with the contributions of the seminar's participants.

Energy Efficiency seminar in Malaysia


More information: POWERSTUDIO energy management software


More information: Electrical energy efficiency


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CIRCUTOR 团队致以节日问候

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An important factor, often not considered when compensating, is the actual imbalance of the loads. The use of compensation systems, measuring in a single phase and only compensating with three-phase capacitors, may overcompensate the system, achieving the opposite to the desired result of improving the power factor and losses in the distribution systems.

All this added to the extension of electronic energy meters (smart meters), which can individually register consumption per phase, and new types of penalty that include penalties for capacitive energy consumption, has led us to reinvent once again the traditional power factor correction systems.

CIRCUTOR presents its new range of OPTIM HYB batteries, capable of performing power factor correction processes based on an actual three-phase measurement of the system (measurement of the three phases instead of one) and thanks to combining single-phase capacitor compensation (P-N) with thyristors and three-phase capacitor compensation (III) with contactors, we are able to perform individual, fast and accurate compensation for each phase.


Catalogue: Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB


See our specialized article: Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB


Datasheet of Automatic hybrid switching capacitor banks OPTIM HYB (datasheet, manual, catalogue, etc.)


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