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Portable power analyzer




MYeBOX® is a range of portable analyzers that can be configured from an app that analyses the accessible electrical parameters remotely. MYeBOX® measures and records the electrical parameters in single, two or three-phase installations (with and without neutral).

The app is connected to the device to display the data measured in real time, to fully configure the unit, to start or stop the data recording process, to send the recorded data to MYeBOX Cloud and even to access the data in the memory to display them in graphical form or in tables. Remote connectivity allows the unit to analyse all data measured without the need to travel to the site. Data recorded by the unit can also be sent to a data repository for its subsequent analysis in PowerVision Plus. The unit can be configured locally with a capacitive keypad and with the menu options shown on the screen.

The most advanced model, MYeBOX 1500, can measure the leakage current simultaneously, it can measure the network quality parameters in compliance with the EN 50160 standard and also record the transients.

MYeBOX 150 has the following features and functions:

In addition to these features and functions, MYeBOX 1500 also features:


MYeBOX® can be used to:


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Class A

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Class A self-calibration certificate according to IEC 61000-4-30 issued by CIRCUTOR.