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There are many different homes that share parking areas. When one or more parking users wish to acquire or use the EV, they must ask the homeowner’s association for permission to install the recharging system in their parking spaces. CIRCUTOR offers the following solutions to these users: 

Card Payment Recharging Equipment

This system installs a unit with a card reader with the RIF system. The property’s administrator supplies it upon payment and the user can insert the card to recharge the vehicle. The card must be newly inserted when the car is removed from the space and the vehicle must be disconnected from the system.

Recharge Equipment with Ethernet communications

With this system, the property’s administrator has a meter reading software which can be used to charge the electrical consumption to the user’s periodic bill.

Recharge Equipment with PLC communications

With this system, the meters installed have been certified by the utility companies and they use PLC communications so that the utility can read the meter and send the bill to the user.

Multi-user car parks Private car parks
Multi-user car parks
Private car parks

All of these systems have safety measures to avoid any device from being connected when there is no vehicle in the parking space and they also offer earth leakage protection functions. They can control the demand for electrical energy to avoid exceeding the contracted power (except in the case of the card recharging system) and excess disturbances in the network (harmonics).

System with:

Measuring Measuring
Earth-leakage protection Earth-leakage protection
Protection against vandalism Protection against vandalism
Power factor correction (depending on car numbers) Power factor correction (depending on car numbers)



Equipment used in this application:


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