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New lighting solutions are appearing at an increasingly faster rate which makes users consider replacing traditional lighting systems with new, more economical and efficient systems.

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones generally results in a saving of around 60-65%, or 80-85% if replacing with LED technology. Small changes in the home can reduce consumption:

  • Replace incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs with energy-efficient or LED bulbs. Replace the bulbs that are used the most first.

  • Take advantage of natural light, potentially reducing consumption by more than 60%.

  • Install switches in different areas. In large rooms, it is advisable to have different lines so that only the area of use is illuminated.

  • Control brightness. It is not always necessary to use 100% brightness; install regulators to lower the lighting level, thus reducing consumption and extending the life of the lamp.

  • Install sensors in circulation areas, helping to avoid excessive use in specific rooms.

  • Check the energy efficiency label of the lamps. Class A is the most efficient and class G the least. A Class A light bulb is three times as energy efficient as a Class G bulb.

CIRCUTOR, as a leader in the energy efficiency sector, offers its customers systems for the point-to-point control of street lights with PLC technology. These systems help to independently regulate each of the lamps, improving their energy efficiency and useful life, as well as achieving savings of around 30% in the electricity bill.

Thanks to the control software, users can regulate each of the lamps and control different incidents, reducing the response time in the event of an incident. Stay informed about the system and look at a specific success story in lighting systems:

Lighting control system

Success story


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