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Environmental education is necessary to help keep our planet cleaner. By following a few simple tips we can help reduce human impact on the ecosystem by reducing pollution and helping the ecosystem regenerate itself.

  • Recycling rubbish by separating our waste and placing it in the appropriate container.

  • Using less plastic packaging. Using cloth grocery bags at the supermarket.

  • Using non-disposable cups. Using mugs at home and at work.

  • Buying recycled paper to help save trees.

  • Using natural soaps and detergents that do not contain chemical components that damage the environment.

  • Using bicycles and public transport.

As a leader in the energy efficiency sector, CIRCUTOR offers its customers power analyzers and energy meters that can measure and display consumption in terms of EUROS or CO2 emissions. Customers can take advantage of these features to become more environmentally friendly by changing their consumption habits to reduce their electricity bill and greenhouse gas emissions.

The analysis from power analyzers allows public companies to make substantial savings in electricity consumption. As a practical example, have a look at the following success story:

Public administration buildings


Do you want to improve the energy efficiency in your installation?

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