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Carelessness is the major cause of unnecessary consumption in our homes and when it comes to lighting the percentage grows. It is important to maintain a small level of care to save on our bill and not throwing money away.

  • Use natural light as much as possible. In many cases, lights inside rooms do not have to be turned on.

  • Use light colours on walls and ceilings to get the most out of natural light.

  • Turn off the lights in rooms you are not using.

  • Install motion detectors with light control systems in circulation areas, garages, etc.

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs. The use of this type of light bulbs can achieve savings of up to 75% and guarantee a longer life.

  • Adapts the level of lighting to the space available; high-power light bulbs do not have to be installed in all rooms. You can adapt the levels of lighting in each room according to your needs with the installation of regulators.

  • Replace fluorescent lamps with LED technology in the rooms that are most used.

  • If you already have outdoor lighting systems, install automatic control systems that use motion detectors or twilight control devices.

  • Keep lamps clean to increase the lighting intensity, with no need to adjust their power rating.

The best method of controlling electrical consumption is with the installation of CIRCUTOR's EDS energy manager. This unit can control the activation of lights with usage schedules, motion detectors or with a programmable setpoint, in addition to allowing the storage of consumption curves. The EDS unit is the best lighting control product for bank branches, supermarkets, offices and shops.

Achieve efficient management with our efficiency kits

It uses point-to-point automatic regulation managers for external lighting applications, such as CIRCUTOR's Cirlamp solution. This system can be used to program different levels of lighting and automatically control the turning on/off of lighting systems. Likewise, this can be controlled with motion detectors or twilight control sensors.


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