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Currently, the electric vehicle is an alternative for the future of urban mobility and transport, thanks to its many advantages. The mileage capacity of these vehicles helps users cover their daily travel needs with no need to charge the vehicle, i.e., it fully meets its purpose.

In addition, the use of electric vehicles helps reduce the emission of CO2 gases into the atmosphere, in line with the requirements set forth by the European Union.

The use of this technology brings many advantages, such as:

  • Less consumption, saving 75% on the cost of fuel.

  • Vehicle purchase subsidies, representing approximately 25% of the retail price.

  • Improvement of the quality of air, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Mobility advantages, such as car parks or areas with special circulation regulations.

  • Reduction of the noise in cities.

In line with these statements, CIRCUTOR is committed to the evolution of electrical mobility, with its wide variety of electric vehicle charging solutions, which together with its self-consumption solutions allow users to increase the efficiency of their installations, as shown in the following success story:

Charging electric vehicles with solar photovoltaic energy


Do you want to improve the energy efficiency in your installation?

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